The individual who’s signature appears below (“Participant”) hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless O’Furry’s, Omelette Parlor and Quintalon Corporation officers, directors, employees or affiliates and Pine Creek Golf Club (“Facilities”) its owners, management, employees or affiliates for any harm, accident, negligence, cause of action, damages or from any other liability for injury or damage to person or property that may arise from the participants involvement in this golf tournament {“Event”)

The Participant agrees to indemnify O’Furry’s, Omelette Parlor and Quinatlon Corporation and Facilities from and against all claims, actions or suits arising out of or in any way connected with Participant’s involvement or actions while engaged in or as a result of his/her involvement in the Event.

Participant shall read carefully the golf card of the facility and agrees to observe all local rules, general regulations and USGA rules as printed on the card. The Participant agrees to use any golf cart placed in his/her possession with the utmost care, observing all rules of the Facility, including, but not limited to:

  1. Only two(2) persons to a cart. Do not allow any person to ride to the rear of the cart.
  2. Do not drive carts on or close to tees or greens. Always follow directional signs and use paths during inclement weather. Keep carts on path when parked near greens or trees (do not drive onto the grass).
  3. Use COMMON SENSE in avoiding wet areas, attempting to go up or down steep inclines, or any other precarious terrain or situation.
  4. Please report any malfunction of carts to Facility personnel.
  5. Do not drive carts beyond course boundaries.
  6. NO outside alcoholic beverages permitted.

Participants shall remain alert, watch for hazards or obstructions on the course and use caution at all times during the course of play. Participants recognizes the inherent hazards in this Event and hereby fully assumes the risks inherent thereto.

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