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Curly Fries … $3.99

A hefty serving of our famous golden curly fries.
• Try ‘em smothered with our Homemade pork green chili, cheese and onions…$7.99

O’Furry’s Fries … $8.99

Curly fries topped with bacon, jalapeno and beer cheese

Onion Rings … $8.99

A heaping basket of our sensational deep fried golden brown onion rings…Liberace loved these rings.

Large Hot Pretzel … $8.99

Served with a beer cheese sauce


Buffalo Wings!*

Deep fried chicken wings dipped in mild or spicy sauce.
Served with ranch or bleu cheese dressing.
Basket of 10 … $15.99
Basket of 25 … $34.99
Basket of 50 … $59.99

Double Dipped Buffalo Wings!*

Try them double dipped. Deep fried then dipped in
our own unique blend of spicy and teriyaki sauce and
finished up on the grill.
Basket of 10 … $16.99
Basket of 25 … $35.99
Basket of 50 … $60.99


The Dip Stick … $3.99

Deep fried giant corn dog
Add fries for … $1.00

Bowl O’ Chili* … $4.99

Our tasty bowl of chili will warm your soul as well
as your mouth. Homemade pork green chili.
Add cheese … $0.99 Add onions … $0.99

Zuchs and Shrooms … $8.99

A delightful combination of zucchini and mushrooms deep
fried to a golden brown served with ranch dressing.

O’Furry’s Ole’s … $7.99

Jalapeño and cheese stuffed potato ole’s.
Taco john would be proud.

Rocky Mountain Nachos* … $12.99

A mountain of fresh tortilla chips capped with our spicy
homemade pork green chili, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and
onions. There’s no snow on this mountain.
Add chicken…$1.99
Add beef…$1.99

Drunken Irish Nachos* … $10.99

Our homemade potato chips drizzled with beer cheese,
chopped bacon, cheddar cheese and garnished with green onion.

Cheese Curds … $8.99

Breaded Wisconsin cheese curds served with
ranch dressing.

O'Furry's Sandwiches & Stuff All sandwiches served with curly fries and a pickle spear.

The Peep* … $9.99

A large boneless, skinless, featherless chicken breast
grilled to perfection with a teriyaki glaze, served on a
fresh baked bun.

The Colorado Club* … $11.99

Sliced turkey with bacon, lettuce, tomato and onions.
Served on sourdough bread. You don’t have to
be a member.
Add avocado…$1.99 

Chicken Fingers … $9.99

Chicken strips served with fries and ranch dressing.
Try them tossed in your choice of spicy or mild sauce for…$0.50 


The Cog Train* … $9.99

Bacon, lettuce tomato and mayo served on
whole wheat bread.

Grilled Cheese … $8.99

A blast of mouthwatering cheddar on
grilled sourdough.

O'furry's Sensational Salads

Chef Salad* … $11.99

Fresh chopped lettuce topped with lots of good stuff –
ham, turkey, cheddar cheese, egg croutons and
your choice of dressing.

Who Gives a Cluck* … $8.99

Imagine… tomatoes, cucumbers, cheddar & croutons
on top of a heaping bed of lettuce. Mmmm!
Add grilled chicken…1.99

O'Furry's Our World Famous Burgers

Ofurrys Burger Madness Tuesday and Thursday 11am to 11pm Cheeseburger 9.99 Hamburger 8.99

Jiffy Burger* … $11.99

Our great burger covered with peanut butter, bacon, and
jack cheese. Just like mom used to make.

Avocado Burger* … $12.99

Our great burger with avocado served
with sour cream and jalapeno cheese.
Zeb Pike couldn’t conquer this one.

Thunder Humper* … $12.99

Our fantabulous chili burger is served
open face and covered with onions, grated cheese
and homemadepork green chili.

Pikes Peak or Bust Burger … $11.99

A burger topped with cheddar, bacon, BBQ sauce and
garnished with an onion ring.

O’Furry’s Cheeseburger* … $10.99

100% ground beef on a fresh bun with mayonnaise,
lettuce, red onions, sliced tomato, and pickles. The burger that
made us famous! Topped with cheese.
Add bacon … $1.99 • Extra patty … $2.49

The Hangover and Over, and Over* … $11.99

100% ground beef patty topped with a fried egg and all the
fixins. It’ll all be over soon!
Add cheese … $0.99

Sourdough Burger* … $10.99

Topped with spicy mustard, pickles, grilled onions and
cheddar cheese all on grilled sourdough bread.

The “Fun Guy” Burger* … $11.99

This burger is covered with sauteed mushrooms & onions,
melted swiss cheese, topped off with an onion ring,
surrounded by a toasted bun.


20% gratuity added to orders $100.00 or more for carry out.

*Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.