O’Furry’s at 900 East Fillmore, Colorado Springs, Colorado is a delightful and intriguing place for lunch, dinner, or a late evening rendezvous.
World famous for fun frivolity, frolic and the best burger this side of the Brooklyn Bridge. No horses served at the main bar. Call us (719) 634-3106 for orders to go or to just say “hi!”


Ruth Etting was born on Nov 23, 1897 in David City, Nebraska. Ruth Etting was one of the most popular singing stars of the late 1920’s. Florenz Ziefeld, who glorified Ruth in the follies, rated her as “the greatest singer of songs” that he had managed in a forty year career. On radio she established herself as America’s pre-eminent popular singer, continually voted in listener polls as the top female singer on the air. Even though radio and the recording industry were still in their early developing years, Ruth Etting recorded over 200 songs. She appeared in six Broadway shows, made three major full-length movies and was the featured performer in 35 movie short subjects between 1928 and 1936.

She married Myrl Alderman in December 1938. Ruth and Myrl Alderman lived in Colorado Springs in the house that is now the Colorado Springs Omelette Parlor. They opened it as a restaurant called the T-Bone Club, which they owned and operated until it eventually became the Hackney House. They performed in many clubs, including the Antler’s Hotel. Myrl Alderman died on November 16, 1966. Etting died in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1978, aged 81.

The adjoining building to Ruth and Myrl’s home was originally their coach house, and eventually became O’Furry’s. In 1993, Pat Hause, CEO of Quintalon Corp., purchased both O’Furry’s and the Colorado Springs Omelette Parlor. O’Furry’s and the Omelette Parlor have stood the test of time, providing a fun and exciting atmosphere both in breakfast and night life.

O’Furry’s……entices the mind and gratifies the senses’
O'Furry's Waitress carry pitcher of beer